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Research Around The World


The site that I studied for research information was the Early Childhood site for Austrailia. The link to access is:

The section where I found the research infornation for Austrailia was titled RIPS. The Research in Practice Series (RIPS) is a resource, offering effective new approaches for those challenging issues which arise in the care and education of young children.

Two of the current international research topics I found on the website were learning and teaching through play and prevention and resolution of bullying. These two topics in particular are two things that we have in common with Austrailia. These are topics of research here in America as well.  I was not able to click on any of the RIPS articles because they needed to be purchased in order to be viewed but through the titles of the RIPS there are many common research topics that we share with Austrailia.

Some noteworthy information I found is that many of the ideas and information involving early childhood are similar to those here in the states.


Option 2


If I possessed the means and the knowledge to conduct research studies about any topic in the early childhood field, I would choose to research, What environmental factors contribute to the cause/diagnosis of Autism? I imagine that the positive contributions to the well-being of children and their families would be that they could be made aware of the environmental factors that could contribute to the risk of developing autism and therefore they would have the opportunity to prepare prenatally and do their best to prevent exposing their child to the environmental factors researched. This could potentially lead to a reduction in autism diagnoses.

My Personal Research Journey


I have chosen the topic of behavior problems in young children as they relate to classroom behaviors and management. This is something that I work through on a daily basis with my own class and I also have a young child who is approaching school age and currently in a two-year-old preschool program. I felt that this would be the perfect topic for me to research on. Thus far, as I did a bit of research in order to help me decide on my topic and sub topics, I came across some websites and articles that I book marked for future reference but then our assignment on quality vs. non-quality research helped me to further narrow down the list. I found the assignment very helpful in my beginning research.

My subtopics for this research assignment are Autism, behavior disorders, and developmental behaviors. Please feel free to offer any advice or resources that you may have on this subject.

Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!