Week 5


Describe in detail the consequences you might expect for the children and families with whom you work while you experience specific “–ism(s)” in your own life. Include specific examples either those you have and/or are experiencing or ones you would anticipate.

I think there are of a number of ways that -isms I might be dealing with could affect the children and families I work with. Let’s take racism for example. If I were being discriminated against based on my culture or race this could easily cause me to be stand-offish to people who are not like me or of the same race/culture that are discriminating against me. I am Caucasian so lets say that in my personal life I were being discriminated against by someone who was African American… I imagine that this could cause some animosity between myself and other African American people I may come in contact with. This could mean the families of the children I teach or even coworkers. My actions and feelings towards others might be more obvious to the children I teach than I might think causing them to feel that I have animosity towards them. As children pick up on both covert and overt messages, this could affect my relationships with children and their families. Prejudice and discrimination affect children’s development at an early age. As children pay close attention to the to how the important people in their lives feel about human differences and similarities, the notice subtle cues and draw conclusions about issues and formulate ideas after picking up on emotional tension from adults (Sparks & Edwards, 2010).

Sparks, L & Edwards, J. (2010). Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves. National Association for the Education of Young Children. United States of America.


About toteachistotouchlives

Hi. My name is Kristen Hammel and I am a first grade teacher in Maryland. I am in my fourth year of teaching and now beginning my Masters program in Early Childhood Education at Walden University. I am very excited for this new journey I am embarking on and am excited to share my experiences with you.

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