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I have not gotten a response yet so I will be completeing the alternate assignment by going to the website of the Childhood Poverty Research and Policy Centre’s page (,and  reading about childhood poverty in China.

I learned that in China, even despite a decline in number since the 1990’s,  4.2 million children live in absolute poverty and 8.7 million live in disadvantaged conditions. I attempted to find statistic on what the population of children in China is so that I could compare these numbers but was unable. I did however find some interesting information. China has a “one child policy” that was established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 as a temporary measure to limit communist China’s population growth.  The policy limits couples to one child and those couple that have more than one pregnancy suffer fines, pressures to abort a pregnancy, and even forced sterilization (Rosenberg, 2010).

China is the world’s most populated country with a population of 1.27 billion in 2001. In 2001, 5 per cent of China’s population lived below the national poverty line.  Rural poverty is estimated to have fallen from 250 million in 1978 to 35 million in 2000 but between 4 and 8 per cent of the urban population (between 15 and 31 million people) still live in poverty.

As the structure of the economy has changed, the social security system has adapedt to protect people from different forms of poverty. Previously, in urban areas, only people without work, with no savings and with no family to depend on were eligible for financial support.  A Minimum Living Standards (dibao) system has been developed that now covers 23 per cent of poor urban households but there are concerns that the amounts allocated are too small to meet people’s basic needs for food, clothing shelter, health and education and in particular, aren’t enough to allow families to pay the compulsory education fee.



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Hi. My name is Kristen Hammel and I am a first grade teacher in Maryland. I am in my fourth year of teaching and now beginning my Masters program in Early Childhood Education at Walden University. I am very excited for this new journey I am embarking on and am excited to share my experiences with you.

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  1. Kristen- I have heard that China limits the number of children to help with overpopulation. It is sad that when the government is involved children and families must suffer. They suffer through trying to maintain appropriate means for their families on limited funds. How do you think that would effect the United States if families were only permitted to have one child in which the government would pay for? I’m not saying that they wouldn’t be allowed to have other children, they just wouldn’t receive benefits for those additional children. I’m sure there would be a revolt or something. I think sometimes we take our freedoms for granted, too.

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