Here goes nothing…


Hi. My name is Kristen and this is my first blog post. I am a little nervous about this type of thing because even though I love my Facebook and I love updating people through it, this is different. Facebook is a quick little status update or a photo album. This is more like a journal. I have never been good at keeping a journal or diary of any sort so I am hoping that as time goes by, I get better at writing my blogs.

I will start by telling you a little about myself. First and foremost, I am a mom. I have a little boy who will be two on Christmas Eve and if you are a mom, you can understand when I say that watching him grow and change each day is the most amazing thing in the world. I never imagined that I could love someone so much. I am also a wife. I married my best friend just a few short weeks ago on September 24, 2011. I was truly blessed the day he walked into my life. I am also a teacher. I teach first grade at a Title One school in Baltimore County, Maryland. It is challenging at times but the most rewarding job in the world. Just as I love watching my two year old learn something new, I absolutely love seeing that look in my students eyes when they realize that they just learned something. My favorite thing to hear is one of my students say, “Mrs. Hammel! I can do it!”

I have also just started my first ever class of graduate school and I am little nervous. I think that if I were attending a regular old ‘go to class on campus’ college like I attended for my undergraduate degree, I wouldn’t be so nervous. But I have just embarked on a journey that is brand new to me…online classes! I am taking all of my graduate classes ONLINE! I am worried that I won’t have the self control to get online and do my work. It’s a little intimidating.

So, in closing, thank you for reading my blog and I hope you come back to read more. I need all the support I can get. Wish me luck!


About toteachistotouchlives

Hi. My name is Kristen Hammel and I am a first grade teacher in Maryland. I am in my fourth year of teaching and now beginning my Masters program in Early Childhood Education at Walden University. I am very excited for this new journey I am embarking on and am excited to share my experiences with you.

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  1. Good Luck! But, honestly, we are all here to support each other: luck doesn’t have as much to do with it if you aren’t alone!

  2. Kristen, your personal story is so sweet. Congratulations on your new marriage!

    I’m not sure how many of us in the progarm are new to online learning, but I am too! I was really missing the physical campus aspect, but I feel like this actually allows you to meet more people and reach out… something you don’t always do on campus because the person is in a different seminar, or sits on the far side of the lecture hall.

    I think they key to succes is organization. I print out all info for resources, discussion posts, application and blog assignments, and they each sit in their own pocket. I also keep a week-by-week calendar with dates of each assignment. I know it’s a little nerdy, but i wouldn’t be able to stay on top of things without it!

    p.s. the blog looks great 🙂 love wordpress!

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